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Work with us

Work with us

As a services company, Colibrí IT binds constantly professionals who know how to focus on the customer. In the Colibrí IT a good set of soft skills you can carry almost as far as a degree in engineering. Understand business scenarios, choose the best courses of action and implement the latest trends of the industry are all part of the thought that candidates should have to be linked to Colibrí IT.

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Colibrí IT

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All candidates must be legally authorized to work in the country for which you apply. Colibrí IT it offers an attractive benefits package, including linking direct work through an indefinite term contract. The leaf of life remain in our databases and we will be processing the phases of the selection process in place.

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In accordance with the Statutory Law 1581 of 2012 and Data Protection standards consistent, the Holder consents and/or licenses to your data, voluntarily provided, to become part of a database, which is responsible Hummingbird IT with the purpose of administrative management, commercial prospecting and marketing. You can exercise the rights of access, correction, deletion, revocation or claim for infringement on your data, by writing to Colibrí IT to the e-mail address.

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