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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a solution for managing relationships with customers that unites businesses and clients. It is a platform integrated CRM that gives all your departments, including marketing, sales, trade and services, a single view and shared to each customer.

What makes Salesforce?

Using Salesforce Customer 360 platform, integrated CRM, the company will be able to provide personalized experiences for your customers. This solution offers products powerful and connected to improve the marketing, sales, commerce, customer care, IT and much more.

Over IT

What is Over IT?

It is a company recognized as a "Leader" and "Visionary" by the major consulting firms and research in IT, providing services to the largest companies in the sectors of Energy and utilities, Oil and Gas, Transport and Infrastructure, Industry and Services, which we provide products, technologies and expertise in the processes of Field Service Management.

The technical knowledge acquired in over 20 years of concrete experience and operational we have provided support to hundreds of multinational companies transforming their processes, making them precursors of a new era for the management of the service on the ground, characterized by an accounting of the activities completely hands-free.

By relying on innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to optimize field activities, customers can improve the operating performance of more than 100,000 resources, with lower costs and higher satisfaction for their customers.

What does Over IT?

Optimizes the activities of Field Service Management with next generation products, increasing the productivity, efficiency, and security of the leading companies in the market


What is SQDM?

It is a company full of energy, dynamism and flexibility. Your main purpose in SQDM is to bring the technology in different directions, for this we have become a company of opportunity and growth, where the people and the trust that we give are the backbone of their culture.

What does SQDM?

It offers solutions on cutting-edge technology through services that meet the challenges of innovation, along with a team of flexible and in constant development of knowledge to achieve the customer satisfaction by delivering valuable products and services.

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